Faith City Chapel is center of Apostolic Excellence. The church is endowed with the pure word of God and the tangible manifestation of the Holy Spirit through ecstatic prophetic, powerful praise and worship experiences.

Notwithstanding the financial challenges for many years, the church had to worship sometimes in rented conference rooms and other venues owing to difficulty in securing a permanent House of Worship.   However, under the able leadership of the General Overseer, Faith City Chapel International and the Headquarters is currently located @ (529 Memorial Highway, Bismarck, North Dakota 58504).    The present location of the church has been a motivation to its fast growth internationally with keen interest in India where idol worshiping has over run the population, elsewhere in Ghana and Liberia with several branches yet to be opened.    Apart from planting churches over the World, the church has greatly influenced the spiritual lives of many people.

Besides the spiritual and soul wining FCCI provide free feeding program to the homeless and needy within the community.  In India the church currently has 35 branches and trained 29 pastors who are handling the branches.   We have also established an orphanage which growth is on the increase.